Arthroscopy is a surgical device used by an orthopedic surgeon to see the joint in order to diagnose or treat the disease. Arthroscopy refers to seeing inside the arthro. Arthro means a joint and scopy means seeing. In fact, an arthroscope is a joint. An arthroscope with a view of the joint can detect its problems and arthroscopy.

Arthroscopic complications

Complications of arthroscopy are not high, but like any other surgery, there is a possibility of infection, inflammation of the veins, swelling, excessive bleeding, vascular damage and nerves. The probability of complication in arthroscopy, if done correctly, is less than 1%.

Benefits of Arthroscopy:

Arthroscopic treatment is simpler than surgery, with shorter pain in the abdominal cavity. The condition is usually discharged the same day or next day.

At Sedigheh Zahra Hospital, Dr. Dr. Sharifzadeh, this surgery is performed. The cost of this surgeries varies due to the use of different quantities of consumer goods, but about one million patients need to pay one million and six hundred insurance books without it

Dr. Sayyed Reza Sharifzadeh: Specialist in orthopedics and surgeons for joint replacement (knee and hip) and exercise injuries

• Graduate of General Medicine of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

• Encyclopedia of Occupational orthopedics of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Akhtar Hospital

• Advanced Course of Knee Surgery

• University faculty member

His days are in the hospital on Saturday and Wednesday.